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We would love to schedule a time to speak at your church, convocation, or spiritual event. Marquita has spoken on a variety of topics including prayer, family life, and growth as a disciple of Christ. She is willing to talk with you about the specific topic needs for your gathering. Below are some examples of seminars that are currently available.

Please Note: All multi-part series can also be presented as single stand-alone messages.

Prayer Group

3 Part Series

Why Should I Pray, Lord?

Join Marquita as she leads participants on a journey to deepen their appreciation for the power of prayer. 

Session 1:  Steps to a Meaningful Prayer Life

Session 2:  The Power of Perspective

Session 3:   Interceding For Our Generation

3 Part Series

The Redemption of Woman

This series of hope focuses on the lives of three Biblical women who experienced God's redeeming power.

Session 1   Eve: Following God After Failure

Session 2   Esther: Yes, I Have Called You

Session 3   Mary Magdalene: He Knows My Name

Image by Jared Subia
Image by Conor Luddy

2 Part Series

Faith Over Fear

Marquita explores two key stories from the Old and New Testaments to inspire listeners to take courage when life gets difficut and trust Jesus to be always faithful.

Session 1   Stay In the Boat

Session 2   Prepared for Battle

3 Part Series

Transformed by Grace

Many women are featured in the Bible whose names are not recorded. And yet, their testimonies of God's grace serve to transform people of all generations.

Session 1   The Woman Who Wept

Session 2   The Woman With Health Issues

Session 3   The Woman at the Well

Image by Alex Shute

Additional Topics

Examples of additional stand alone messages by Marquita:

At All Cost (Marquita's Personal Testimony)

Praying for the Holy Spirit

Present Truth​

Jesus Means More


Specifically For Minister Retreats and Events

What I Have Learned As A Pastor's Spouse

Ministry Life: What Every Wife Wishes Her Husband Knew

Encouragement for the Christian Wife​​

Image by Tim Wildsmith
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